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photo credit: jamesnfishwick Foam card or foam board as its name suggests is made of a core of foam, sandwiched between thin card/ paper. Tough and light, it is the mainstay of building making when making wargames scenery. Buildings can be easily assembled from pieces cut from foam card – its more resilient than cardboard [...]

photo credit: jamesnfishwick Plastic card (or plasticard / styrene sheet)  is as its name suggests, sheets of plastic very much like sheets of thin card. It is available in various thicknesses and is a very useful material to have around. Pieces cut from plastic card can be used to embellish much of your wargames scenery [...]

photo credit: shoe the Linux Librarian If you are anything like me, before you even start making scenery you will have quite a full ‘bits box’ of pieces culled from the sprues etc. of figures and vehicles that you have already made. When you get in to scenery making, its time to take this to [...]

photo credit: Zoom Zoom Corrugated card is a very handy thing to have around when making wargames scenery – it has a number of possible uses. Corrugated card can be recycled from packaging or it can be bought – it is sold as a packaging material and for craft use. It is also used in [...]

In this second part of our look at expanded and extruded foams, we’ll look at hot wire cutters and finishing your terrain piece off. The best tool for cutting foams of either sort is a hot wire cutter. These can be bought quite easily and come in various forms, from battery powered to mains powered [...]

If there is one material that we scenery builders rely on, it is Styrofoam, or blue foam, or pink foam or whatever your name for it is – it is the material with 1001 uses – walls, rocks, hills, buildings, ponds, rivers, trenches – pretty much anything can be made with it. Cutable, sandable, carveable, [...]

via I found this brilliantly simple idea for making buildings over on (Here, to be exact: Its very simple and easy, but very effective too. Go check it out! It also illustrates my approach to terrain building – look at everything with new eyes. There are so many every day items that [...]