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Article: one inch warriors: Castles Made of Foam

Posted: 13th September 2010 by wargamesscenery in Wargames Scenery News

one inch warriors: Castles Made of Foam My dad flipped the cooler upside down, cut down the height a few inches and stuck the lid on top and painted it gray.* The windows are ordinary vinyl molding you’d find in a generic office building cut to shape and detailed with a sharpie marker. Popsicle [...]

Wargames terrain: Making a native grass hut village

Posted: 8th August 2010 by wargamesscenery in Wargames Scenery News

via Came across this great scenery build when surfing looking for scenery inspiration, from a great little blog – Using place mats for the walls of the buildings is inspired and I think the flax for the straw / grass roof construction looks very good. I’m wondering if moved to a more european [...]

via Useful article on Bell of Lost Souls about buying your first airbrush, mainly with the slant of using it for painting miniatures etc. However, an airbrush is equally useful for painting wargames scenery / terrain, so its worth a read of this article if you are considering buying one. Funnily enough, I recently [...]

Background to the Warhammer world – New GW video

Posted: 28th June 2010 by wargamesscenery in Wargames Scenery News

via Video Copyright Games Workshop. This new video gives more about the background to the Warhammer world as envisaged in the new 8th edition rules book. Interesting if you are a bit of a fluff-bunny like me, and are into the story telling possibilities of gaming. Also, there is bits and pieces in here [...]

via Video is copyright Games Workshop. Quite an interesting video from GW about the forthcoming 8th edition of Warhammer Fantasy. Just check out some of the scenery they have in the video! Awesome stuff. Of great interest to me is that it seems that terrain / scenery items will play a more active role [...]

via Very quick post and not strictly scenery related – but Bell of Lost Souls have another excellent video up – a video review of the new Warhammer 8th ed. rule book. It looks pretty good to me, think it might be pre-order time. GW also have some limited edition stuff (dice etc.) up [...]

Lunch-time Wargames Scenery Project

Posted: 9th June 2010 by wargamesscenery in Wargames Scenery News

photo credit: shoe the Linux Librarian Like alot of working folk I have very little free time. After work, food, chores, etc there is usually have very little time to switch off with something fun and relaxing even if the energy is available, so days can go past with no hobby activity. I’m sure most of you [...]

via I found this brilliantly simple idea for making buildings over on (Here, to be exact: Its very simple and easy, but very effective too. Go check it out! It also illustrates my approach to terrain building – look at everything with new eyes. There are so many every day items that [...]

Welcome to wargames scenery world – my site to expound my new found love of making wargames terrain. My name is Andrew, and I’ve become a little bit obsessed with making wargames terrain over the past few months. I suppose I should start at the beginning, and then move on to tell you what my [...]