Article: one inch warriors: Castles Made of Foam

Posted: 13th September 2010 by wargamesscenery in Wargames Scenery News

one inch warriors: Castles Made of Foam

My dad flipped the cooler upside down, cut down the height a few inches and stuck the lid on top and painted it gray.* The windows are ordinary vinyl molding you'd find in a generic office building cut to shape and detailed with a sharpie marker. Popsicle sticks make up the window shutters and the gate. The gate is detailed with some ordinary black twine. I don't think my dad had any idea at the time that he was supporting what would become at times a border-line obsession for me, but nevertheless I'm still appreciative of his efforts to this day.

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I am kind of hoping that my son, the indirect instigator of my terrain building may one day look back on a piece of terrain that I made for him with similar thoughts. As a dad you try and support them in whatever they do, hopefully without taking over and leaving them with their own space to develop in whatever hobby it may be. Not strictly a terrain building article perhaps, but you could always use it for inspiration and it does go with my favourite theme of reusing everything you can find in your scenery building projects. I'd suggest you pop over to one inch warriors and have a look. I'll be adding the blog to my feed reader. 

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