Lunch-time Wargames Scenery Project

Posted: 9th June 2010 by wargamesscenery in Wargames Scenery News

Spackly Grave
Creative Commons License photo credit: shoe the Linux Librarian

Like alot of working folk I have very little free time. After work, food, chores, etc there is usually have very little time to switch off with something fun and relaxing even if the energy is available, so days can go past with no hobby activity. I'm sure most of you know that NO HOBBY = UNHAPPINESS. So I decided to spend my available lunch half hour doing hobby stuff and kill 2 birds with one stone.

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I think many of us will identify with what is being said here. I know that I certainly do - after a day at work and a nearly 2hr trip home via tube, train and a walk the spirit may be willing to do a bit of wargames scenery making, but the flesh seems to think that sitting down in front of Band of Brothers (again) might be a much better idea. I'm not sure if I could transport my hobby stuff to work successfully, but where there's a will as they say. I wonder what my fellow commuters would make of it if I whipped out some Styrofoam and started whittling some rocks from it? Perhaps not. Though it may be a good way of getting an empty seat or two next to me...

I'd suggest having a look at the rest of the post - and the hobby project he undertakes - making some Sci-Fi tunnels. Nice ideas.

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