Wargames Scenery – Ruined Buildings

Posted: 27th February 2011 by wargamesscenery in Readymade / Kit Scenery

One of the most evocative types of wargames terrain you can have is the ruined building. Whether it is a ruined French house in a WW2 setting, a collapsed watch tower from Lord of The Rings, a burnt out half timbered Empire inn from Warhammer or the blasted remnants of a Warhammer 40K Imperial bastion, there is nothing that works so well on a miniature battlefield as a ruin. They are great at providing cover for your troops and look very evocative, speaking of ages long past or battles recently fought. Makers of wargames terrain have fully bought into this - hence why there are so many ruined buildings and building kits available. Although it can be easy to make some types of ruined buildings yourself, representing rubble, damaged floors, piles of stone and so on can be harder than building an entire building in some ways. I find that ruined buildings are one sort of wargames scenery that I am happy to buy ready made. After all, many come requiring assembly and painting so you still have opportunities for creativity in painting or modifying them to your taste, for example adding bushes and grass growing out of the walls with reindeer moss and static grass.

Even if you do decide to make your own from scratch, looking at other examples people have made is always good for inspiration and ideas.

Battleboard battlemat terrain for table wargames RUINS Vynil mat 120 x 180 cm
Battleboard battlemat terrain for table wargames RUINS Vynil mat 120 x 180 cm
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