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I also decided to make a number of straight walls, plus some right angled corners as this would give a lot of flexibility in setting them up on the table You will need: A sheet of 1″ thick polystyrene, either the expanded (beaded) type as I used, or the more expensive (but better) extruded type.

…You can use paint that already has texture medium in it, you can coat the polystyrene with PVA glue and then sand if you are going for a stone finish (if you are doing this, you will want to cut some stone blocks lines into the surface of the foam, a biro is ideal for this).

via Video is copyright Games Workshop. Quite an interesting video from GW about the forthcoming 8th edition of Warhammer Fantasy. Just check out some of the scenery they have in the video! Awesome stuff. Of great interest to me is that it seems that terrain / scenery items will play a more active role [...]