Review – Wargaming on a Budget (Gaming Constrained by Money or ...

Review – Wargaming on a Budget (Gaming Constrained by Money or Space)
It has long been said that experience is the best teacher, and this holds particularly true for this book by Iain Dickie. Iain was editor of Miniature Wargames Magazine for some 25 years, and in his new book he draws on his many years of experience in the hobby to provide one of the best step by step approaches to miniature wargaming that I have ever seen.
Many of us, especially those new to the hobby, have been daunted by the seemingly high cost of getting into this enjoying and rewarding past time. Iain simply tears down the walls on much of this cost, showing the newcomer and experienced gamer alike how to make the most of your hobby literally for pennies on the dollar for what you might spend if you do not own this book.

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This sounds like a great book - have a look at the full review for more details, but it does sound 
great, with plenty on building your own terrain and even ships! Wargaming can be an expensive hobby so anything that may help reduce the cost whilst not reducing the fun (or maybe even increasing it). If it at least encourages you to build one item of terrain rather than buy it at say, Games Workshop prices, it may well pay for itself. I think I will be buying a copy.

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