Wayland Games Offering Free Warlord Games Sprue

Posted: 5th March 2011 by wargamesscenery in Uncategorized


Wayland Games in the UK have a free offer on at the moment, where in exchange for your name and address they will send you a free (random) Warlord Games miniatures sprue. Warlord offer a range of nicely detailed miniatures covering a variety of periods including Ancient Britons, Celts, Romans, 17th century (30 years war) and Napoleonics. If you had ever wanted to try their miniatures or are thinking of trying a new period, this is a great opportunity to see what Warlord Games do for free. Free is always a good price! Apparently they have 'thousands upon thousands' of sprues to give away - all you have to do is sign up here and agree to receive the Wayland Games and Warlord Games newsletters, which seems a small price to pay. Go get your free Warlord Games sprue! I know I will be.